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With over 90 years of experience hunting whitetails all over the midwest Jordan, Phil, Stetson and David have routinely  harvested big bucks. Knowing how and where to set up on your land is essential to harvesting great bucks year after year. Our goal is to help others become more successful. With habitat improvements, tree stand selection, food plot location/selection and out of state e-scouting plans, we are here to help. We are Michigan based and cover the surrounding states. Call for a free consultation (517)740-6681 

Out of State             E-Scouting

E-Scouting plans start at $150. If you need help finding the right place to harvest a mature buck, this is a great place to start. 

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Boots on the ground Scouting, Plans and Maps

In person scouting, plans and maps start at $400. We will provide instructions on how and where to be successful in the whitetail woods. 

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Custom Plans

We can meet your needs for a custom plan, please contact us at          (517)740-6681


E-Scouting, Habitat Plans and Maps

E-Scouting, Habitat plans and Maps start at $300

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Habbitat work, Scouting, Plans and Maps

All inclusive packages start at $600. We will help implement a whitetail plan for you as well as do some of the work. We will provide insite as to what to plant and where to plant as well as helping create those plots. We help with trail access and tree stand placement. This package is a land ready to hunt package. 


Simple Items

Trail Clearing $40 hour

Tree Clearing $50 hour

Mowing $40 hour

Tilling/Discing $70 hour

Broadcasting $20 hour

Soil Test $20 per plot

Wheat Field
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